here to help you have an amazing birth

here to help you have an amazing birth


What is a Doula?

A doula is a professional trained in childbirth who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to a mother who is expecting, is experiencing labor, or has recently given birth. The doula’s purpose is to help women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience.


I suppourt all families of all walks of life. It doesn’t matter to me how your family is made I want to be there to support your birth. 

Why Do I Need A Doula?

Numerous studies have documented the benefits of having a doula present during labor and postpartum. A  Cochrane Review, Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth, showed a very high number of positive birth outcomes when a Birth Doula was present. With the support of a Birth Doula, women were less likely to have pain-relief medications administered and less likely to have a cesarean birth. Women also reported having a more positive childbirth experience. Here are some of the stats:

  • Decreases the overall cesarean rate by 50%
  • Decreases the length of labor by 25%
  • Decreases the use of oxytocin by 40%
  • Decreases the use of pain medication by 30%
  • Decreases requests for an epidural by 60%
  • Reduce the number of days newborns spent in the NICU (neo-natal infant care unit)
  • Reduce the rates of postpartum depression
  • Increase the rates of breastfeeding
  • Increase the positive maternal assessments of maternal confidence and newborn health


Will My Doula “Replace” My Partner?

Oh course not! While I may have intimate knowledge of birth your partner has intimate knowledge about you. Birth Doulas offer a lot of support to the husband or partner, showing him and other loved ones how they can best help you, and reassure them about what’s normal. 


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